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Founded in 1989, Anaar is a Detroit based business process consulting firm that helps companies from Michigan to India to become globally competitive by transforming work culture into a process oriented mindset by instituting systems thinking. Nirdosh Reddy conceived and developed the Anaar Process Improvement Roadmap as a bpm tool, that consists of interconnected modules that have been continually revised over the last two decades. Born in the roots of Detroit Manufacturing, Anaar has since expanded into a worldwide business consultancy.

Dr. W. Edwards Deming, the father of process improvement and the Deming method, had a profound impact on both J. Nirdosh Reddy and Asha Reddy. The insights gained from Edward Deming’s “14 points for management” led to the eventual development of Anaar’s Six Guiding Principles. J. Nirdosh Reddy and Asha Reddy consider Dr. Deming to be their guru in BPM consulting concepts and strategy.

Our Leadership

Dr. W. Edwards Deming stated that merely solving problems – small or large – would not be sufficient for the long term survival of organizations, and that there is a need to change the fundamental way one looks at an organization – a change in the core mindset. Deming stressed, among other things, that the root of the causes for low quality and productivity lie in the systems themselves. Business management needs to focus on improving the processes. Design, sales and production must work as a team to foresee problems that may be encountered with any product or service, and everyone should be involved in continually improving the system of production and service to become and remain competitive.

dr-deming-anaarThe challenge experienced by many, who intuitively accepted Dr. Deming’s teachings, was how to adopt and implement his teachings. Since transformation of organizational work culture is a complex issue, J. Nirdosh Reddy decided to pursue the development of a roadmap for change – the Anaar Roadmap – which could enable organizations to implement the philosophy faster, more successfully and with fewer wasted efforts to improve their competitiveness.

J. Nirdosh Reddy had the privilege of interacting with Dr. Deming during his days at the Ford Motor Company in Detroit, MI. He sought and received Dr. Deming’s blessings to pursue his efforts to help organizations become globally competitive.

Our Expertise

Tom Foster
Consulting Associate

Tom Foster has extensive experience supporting customer organizations with project management, business analysis, process improvement, and systems implementation.

J. Nirdosh Reddy

J. Nirdosh Reddy is the founder of Anaar, a consulting firm dedicated to improving and sustaining competitiveness of organizations.

Asha Reddy

Asha Reddy is the president of Anaar. She is a strong proponent of process improvement as a means of improving the efficiency of organizations.

Tony O’Connell
Consulting Associate

Strategy focused business manager, certified Quality Engineer and ADR accredited Mediator with a Masters Degree in Innovation, Commercialization and Entrepreneurship.

Rajendra Babtiwale
Consulting Associate

Rajendra strongly believes in Anaar philosophy and has worked with Anaar for almost 24 years. He is lead auditor for ISO 9001:2015 and provides advice...


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