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We offer a combination of in-person and remote consulting services utilizing the Anaar Roadmap. In order to enable your success, Anaar provides in-person seminars and reviews, ongoing phone and email follow up, and access to our exclusive APRS web application. The timeline on our continued support is custom tailored to meet the needs of our clients, and is based on their individual organizational size and complexity.

The Anaar approach involves bringing about an organizational transformation in mindset, management systems and daily activities to unleash the potential of your employees and improve overall operational efficiency. We accomplish these changes in several phases:

  • Conducting workshops for senior and middle managers on correctly implementing the Anaar Roadmap BPM solution
  • Reviewing implementation of the above methodology at the workplace to ensure a successful launch and sustainability to best achieve your goals
  • Continuous evaluation of the implemented processes and ongoing improvements through process documentation

In addition to our innovative consulting work, we are also available for scheduled speaking engagements and lectures that are designed to inspire and educate employees and all levels of management.

Anaar clients have experienced some truly remarkable gains in productivity and efficiency using the Anaar process improvement Roadmap.

We Provide Solutions for Every Business

Small Business

For even the smallest client, Anaar provides in-person consulting to get the process started.  Small businesses generally require fewer days, which is beneficial for keeping costs down. The Roadmap methodology and software can usually be fully institutionalized in small businesses in as little as 3 to 6 months.


For medium sized businesses, the Anaar Roadmap process documentation and methodology and software can usually be institutionalized in 6 to 12 months. The frequency and duration of follow up visits will vary based on the size of the business and the client’s individual needs and goals.


Depending on the size of the enterprise, implementation of the Roadmap may be broken up by each business unit. Developing an internal faculty is an important aspect of our enterprise level consulting. Integration of the Anaar Roadmap and software will usually take 1 to 2 years for large enterprises.

Anaar Process Review Timeline


  • Deploy customer-centric, process-based and employee-oriented mindset
  • Begin 5 initial Anaar improvement projects
  • Train team leaders to employ and execute the new model


  • Prepare global process chart that includes initial customer contact through to product delivery
  • Describe process summaries, macro and micro processes, identify internal customers, identify expectations of customers – internal, external and management


  • Two year past performance review in the context of your business processes developed in phase 2 above
  • Identify where processes are breaking down  and develop process-specific, time-bound action plans with team leaders trained in phase 1


  • Undertake improvement projects identified in phase 3
  • Improve and modify selected processes
  • Train employees on the improved processes

Quantitative Results

Qualitative Results

Customer Focus

External and internal customer focus institutionalized. Finger-pointing almost eliminated.


Better quality products and services.

Business Focus

Clear cut focus on business goals at all levels. Realization of numerous ideas for improvement.


Dramatically improved profits, a stronger company.

Employee Morale

Employee involvement is a way of life. Pride in work. Much improved teamwork.


A more exciting and rewarding place to work

Case Studies

Disc Manufacturing Inc.


Thermal Corporation


Godrej & Boyce


BILT’s Shree Gopal Unit


Welcome to Anaar.

Our mission over the past 25 years has been to spread process-based methodologies to businesses of all types and sizes. Companies today face constant competition. Using our process management systems, you can transform your business, improve your profitability and prosper in the 21st century.

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