Business Services

Sustaining Profitability and Excellence

With over 25 years of experience, Anaar provides the kind of personalized consulting that guarantees success. Our goal is to help you improve and, more importantly, sustain profitability and competitiveness of your enterprise. We offer a suite of solutions to suit your specific needs. We realize that no two organizations are alike and no one solutions fits all organizations.

Business Consulting

Anaar provides a full service solution for process evaluation, implementation and long term sustainable change. Our approach involves bringing about an organizational transformation in mindset, management systems and daily activities to unleash the potential of your employees.

Performance Assessments

We offer free, one day on-site business audits and diagnostic assessments. Using the Anaar Roadmap, we evaluate your management strategy with a systematic and transparent approach that identifies both strengths and weaknesses in your company’s organization and work culture.

Team Building

Your team will benefit from awareness sessions that inspire your management team and prepare your organization for a smooth transition to process based thinking and a transformation of internal work culture. Available as both traditional seminars and interactive workshops.

Management Workshops

We provide discrete, component focused workshops that cover specific Anaar Roadmap modules, particular topics of interest, or other pain points that you have already identified in your organization. Our workshops can help lay the foundation for sustainable improvement.

Speaking Engagements

Are you getting started with business process management or do you need a boost with on-going efforts? Anaar is available to help jump start your process management education and inspire your management teams through short motivational talks and longer form seminars.

APRS Web Application

The APRS web application is a powerful tool that keeps your organization on track and simplifies process documentation. Our clients enjoy exclusive access to our online resources that facilitate accurate process mapping, management, and improvement at every stage.

Solutions for Every Business

Anaar offers a suite of solutions for different needs of different organizations.


Streamlining processes and training new employees is crucial for the success of startups. For even the smallest client, Anaar provides in-person consulting to get the process started. The Roadmap methodology and software can usually be fully institutionalized in startups in as little as 3 to 6 months.

Small & Mid-Size Businesses

Experience process control and certification normally available only to large corporations using the APRS methodology at a fraction of the cost. For small and mid sized businesses, the Anaar Roadmap process and APRS software can usually be institutionalized in 6 to 12 months.


Depending on the size of the enterprise, implementation of the Roadmap may be broken up by each business unit. Developing an internal faculty is an important aspect of our enterprise level consulting. Integration of the Anaar Roadmap and software will usually take 1 to 2 years for large enterprises.

Quantitative Results

Qualitative Results

Institutionalized Internal & External Customer Focus

More Consistent Products and Services

Improved Employee Morale and Teamwork

Business Focus On Business Goals at All Levels

Improved Profits & Shareholder Satisfaction

Fulfilled and Happier Employees

Industry Expertise


Anaar has worked with dozens of manufacturing companies worldwide, such as the Ford Motor Company (USA, Taiwan), Eastman Kodak (USA, Mexico, Ireland),  Godrej and Boyce (India), Al Anwar Group (Oman).


Government agencies in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh found our teachings and techniques helpful in fostering teamwork and streamlining their processes, especially because they operated in the traditional silo style.

Professional Services

The Anaar principles and methodology are effective and applicable to all service industries. Customer satisfaction and employee engagement are greatly improved with the adoption of process management.


The Lean principles of BPM are being effectively applied in hospitals with significant results. Administrative processes in doctors’ offices and hospitals can be significantly improved with the use of the APRS methodology.


Solaris Chemicals in India transformed its work culture to customer-focused, process-centric, employee oriented management style through the Anaar Roadmap and achieved significant operational gains, increased revenues and improved customer satisfaction.


Nirdosh Reddy has 20 patents on automotive control systems. While working at Ford Motor Company in Detroit he traveled to Japan on study missions covering TQM / Lean methodologies and the application of the Deming philosophy. 


Vysya bank in India applied the Anaar Improvement Process to great success, reducing transaction times drastically and improving customer satisfaction.

IT & Software Services

Anaar worked with numerous organizations in IT and software development organizations. Understanding internal customers’ pain was an eye opener which paved way for significant performance improvements.


Delivering projects on or ahead of schedule is critical. Process-based thinking is the foundation which makes it possible to achieve this goal consistently and with the highest standards of quality.

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