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Each of the Anaar modules is available as a separate workshop to help you establish a solid foundation for sustainable improvement. If you are interested in scheduling a workshop, contact us for availability and information.

  • Anaar Roadmap Basics
    The first step of the Anaar Roadmap is the Anaar Roadmap Basics module for changing the mindset and philosophy of the  organization. Transforming the nature of daily activities so that customer focus, team work and continuous process improvement becomes a way of life that must be integrated into the core philosophy of your business.
  • Anaar Process Review System
    In order to help institutionalize customer focus throughout a business unit, and help make customer satisfaction a preeminent goal, the Anaar Process Review System (APRS) has been developed to acquire process data. APRS helps define and document organizational processes in an interactive approach, creates a sense of ownership of the right processes and pride in achievement and progress.
  • Anaar Strategy Integration Process
    The focus of ASIP is on making strategies actionable and business goals a reality. Translating process improvement strategies into actionable projects and then integrating them into the workplace for effective implementation requires careful planning.
  • Anaar Continuous Improvement Process
    The Anaar Continuous Improvement Process along with the module on Process Stability and Capability leads to six sigma levels of performance. It is an integral part of Total Quality Management (TQM). It is sometimes referred to as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Business Process Improvement (BPI), Process Improvement (PI).
  • Process Stability And Capability
    This module is a supplement to the ACIP which focuses on continuous process improvement. Process stability focuses on improving stability and capability of processes to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Anaar Product Development Process
    The focus of this improvement module is on development of new products and enhancement of existing products to ensure the satisfaction of the customers from the products and services delivered to them.

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