Business Consulting

Strategy Integration Through Process Management

Full Stack Process Consulting

We offer a combination of in-person and remote consulting services utilizing the Anaar Roadmap. In order to enable your success, Anaar provides in-person seminars and reviews, ongoing phone and email follow up, and access to our exclusive APRS web application. The timeline is custom tailored to meet the needs of our clients, based on their individual size and complexity.

Personalized Consulting

Anaar provides customized consulting services that cater specifically to the needs of your enterprise

Institutional Implementation

On site integration of the Anaar methodology to ensure a successful launch and long-term sustainability to best achieve your goals

Continuous Process Improvement

Ongoing evaluation of the implemented processes and ongoing improvements through the Anaar Process Review System

Our Methodology

The Anaar approach involves bringing about an organizational transformation in mindset, business management systems and daily activities to unleash the potential of your employees and improve overall operational efficiency. We accomplish these changes in several phases.

The Anaar Process Review Timeline

  • Onboarding and Initial Discovery
    Phase 1
    Deploy customer-centric, process-based and employee-oriented mindset. Choose five processes and begin pilot improvement projects. Train team leaders to employ and execute the new model.
  • Process Management Foundations
    Phase 2
    Prepare global process chart that includes initial customer contact through to product delivery. Describe process summaries, macro and micro processes, identify internal customers, identify expectations of customers – internal, external and management.
  • Strategy Integration
    Phase 3
    Review two-year past performance in the context of your business processes developed in phase 2 above. Identify where processes are breaking down  and develop process-specific, time-bound action plans with team leaders.
  • Continuing Process Improvement
    Phase 4
    Undertake the improvement projects identified in phase 3. Improve and modify selected processes. Train employees on the newly improved processes.

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