Lectures & Speaking Engagements

Eduucation, Motivation & Improvement

Anaar offers awareness sessions to inspire your management team and prepare your organization for transformation of work culture. These lectures draw on 25 years of experience of working with over 100 businesses in 10 countries. Based on your needs, Anaar customizes the presentations into:

Motivational Speaking

Management Seminars

Interactive Workshops

We are always happy to share our experience on topics related to transformation of enterprises to higher levels of competitiveness – achieving consistently better results and at the same time creating a more enjoyable and sustainable work culture.

Our lectures include:

  • Sources of competitiveness
  • Origins of process-based thinking
  • Transition from conventional management style
  • How to make customer satisfaction the preeminent goal
  • Process-based business planning
  • Process mapping
  • Process management
  • How to create a winning work culture
  • How to change the mindset
  • How to overcome resistance to change
  • How to sustain employee engagement
  • From managing people to managing processes
  • Sustaining excellence

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