Team Building Exercises

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Motivating Your Team

Employee behavior is conditioned and influenced by how people are evaluated and treated. If you measure an employee by individual assignments, as in MBO system, they will work individually. Employee participation in team projects is limited to the amount of free or disposable time – which we know would be minimal. Teamwork takes back seat to the primary business objectives.

Imagine if people worked together in teams!

When you send even a few of your employees to team building exercises, they return excited and want to participate in team assignments. But as time passes, they are drawn to their individual objectives (for their survival), and the team effort suffers.

We found that sustained teamwork requires changes in management thinking / mindset. For a group of people to really become a team, they need a common goal.

The Anaar Roadmap

The Roadmap is built on customer focus, process focus and employee focus. We observed that when an enterprise adopts the Anaar Roadmap, teamwork evolves spontaneously. When you adopt process focus as opposed to the conventional task focus, and as employees define the processes they are working in, they find that, in general, more than one person is involved in the process. Now, when you tell them that their objective is to improve their process, and that that is how they are measured, employees come together, follow the Anaar Improvement Process – gather data, brainstorm, find root causes, come up with improvement suggestions, pilot selected ideas, confirm improvement, and modify their processes. Lo and behold, their process would be delivering better results. They are excited and the boss is excited – a true win – win situation. Teamwork quickly becomes the norm.

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