BPM Case Studies

Our Proven Record of Success

Thermal Corporation

Thermal Corporation transformed its work culture, with the help of the Anaar Roadmap, from finger-pointing and judging people to improving processes and involving people. All three major stakeholders – customers, shareholders and employees – benefitted; customers with better quality products and lower prices; shareholders with dramatically improved profits and a stronger company; and employees with a better compensation and generally a better place to work. Subsequently, Thermal received “Alabama US Senate Award for Productivity and Quality” and “Continuing Excellence Award”.

Godrej & Boyce

Godrej & Boyce’s Office Equipment Division achieved a 4-fold increase in contribution after adopting the Anaar Roadmap. The barriers that existed between departments were broken down. Internal customer satisfaction, process-oriented thinking and teamwork replaced department-centric thinking, fire-fighting and finger-pointing. A win – win atmosphere was created. External customer satisfaction increased, and along with it, sales, and the bottomline.

Disc Manufacturing Inc.

In the United States, Disc Manufacturing Inc. (DMI) grew from a 5-person garage outfit to a 500-person global enterprise. However, the profit margins were significantly below initial projections. Fire-fighting was the norm. With the help of the Anaar Roadmap, they were able to streamline their organizational processes, make continuous improvement a way of life, and more than double their profit margin.

BILT – Shree Gopal Unit

The Shree Gopal Unit (SGU) of BILT was experiencing inconsistency in performance for several years. With the help of the Anaar Roadmap, the management team of SGU transformed the work culture of this over 2000 employee unit by making cross-functional teamwork and employee involvement a way of life. Using the Anaar Strategy Integration Process, numerous constraints were identified and the constraints were removed by using the Anaar Continuous Improvement Process. As a result the unit achieved consistently higher production and profits.


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