The Anaar Roadmap

An integrated approach of interconnected modules

Business Process Management

Real improvements in business management efficiency require a change in the underlying attitudes and systems present at organizations. To facilitate these changes, we developed the Anaar Roadmap to guide our clients through the transformation.

Mindset & Philosophy

We change the core philosophy of the organization and the employees to a process based model in which customer, process and people becomes the core focus for daily activities.

Management systems

The management style shifts from managing people to leading people to improve their processes which creates a company culture that engages the hearts and minds of the employees.

Daily activities

By shifting the focus of top level management to organizational goals and processes, it helps break down barriers between departments and fosters a culture of teamwork at all levels of the company.

Using the Anaar Roadmap, our clients achieve impressive results, customer focus throughout their organizations, improvements in product and service quality, and greater employee empowerment leading to significant improvements in their bottom lines.

Anaar Roadmap Basics (ARB)

Transform the nature of daily activities so that customer focus, team work and continuous improvement become a way of life. These strategies help unleash the potential of your employees, build a strong organization that can take on global competitive challenges and pave the way to improved bottom-line.

Anaar Process Review System (APRS)

Define all business processes in an interactive approach, create a sense of ownership of the best processes, and pride in improvement. At this stage, the entire business unit is displayed as a global process flow chart, comprising primary and secondary processes. For each process in the network, the APRS helps to systematically integrate all relevant information needed to improve customer satisfaction.

Anaar Strategy Integration Process (ASIP)

The focus of ASIP is on making strategies actionable, translating the strategies into actionable projects and integrating them into the workplace for effective implementation. ASIP helps convert strategic issues into process oriented, measurable, actionable and manageable projects. By shifting the focus of top management to organizational goals and processes, ASIP helps break down barriers between departments and fosters a culture of teamwork.

Anaar Continuous Improvement Process (ACIP)

The ACIP process provides a systematic method for improving business processes. It is equally applicable in service and manufacturing industries. It shows how to identify and eliminate sources of variation and thus improve the performance – fewer defects, reduced cycle times. It is a simple, yet rigorous and powerful seven step approach that can be used by any employee within an organization.

Supplemental Modules & Integrations

Process Stability And Capability (PSC)

This module is a supplement to the Anaar Continuous Improvement Process. Its focus is on improving stability and capability of processes to ensure customer satisfaction. Variation is the enemy of quality.

Product Development Process (APDP)

The world we live in is changing faster than ever before. Consequently, our customers are getting exposed to these worldwide changes, which in turn are bringing about faster changes in their needs and expectations.

Internal Faculty Development (IFD)

In order to sustain a competitive edge, all new entrants into an organization need to be introduced to its operating philosophy. The new mindsets and new practices need to be presented as soon as the employees join the organization.


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