Anaar Process Review System (APRS)

APRS-graphManaging people, as in the traditional approach, was perhaps adequate when the focus of management was on maintaining status quo – “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” mindset.

When the focus of management shifts to continuous process improvement, instead of status quo, and when organizations adopt systems thinking and a process-oriented approach covered in the Anaar Roadmap Basics, there is an increased awareness that over 90% of the causes for the output – good or bad – are in the way things are done (systems and processes). When things go wrong, managers first ask “what in the process is breaking down or is inadequate?” not “who did it?” Here the focus is first on processes and not people.

There is a change in the concept of how output is produced – from ‘people produce output’ to ‘processes produce output’ and that we need to empower employees to improve their processes.APRS1-graph

Correspondingly, there is a realization that ‘managing people’ addresses only about 10% of the causes for lower than desirable results and that the other 90% of causes can only be addressed by making system improvements.

Management style shifts from ‘managing people’ to ‘leading people to improve their processes’. They create an organizational culture that engages the hearts and minds of its employees and unleashes their potential as advocated by Dr. Deming and Dr. Kotter.

In order to help institutionalize customer focus throughout a business unit, and help make customer satisfaction a preeminent goal, the Anaar Process Review System (APRS) has been developed to acquire process data. APRS helps define and document organizational processes in an interactive approach, creates a sense of ownership of the right processes and pride in achievement and progress. Here, an entire business unit is displayed as a global process flow chart, comprising primary and enabling processes. For each process in this network, the APRS process template helps to systematically integrate all relevant information needed to improve customer satisfaction.

Do you want to streamline the implementation of our process review methodology?

APRS Web Application


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