Anaar Continuous Improvement Process (ACIP)

How well we satisfy our customers depends on how well our processes are behaving. This depends on how well we are applying acip-chartthe abilities and creativity of our people in improving existing processes and creating new processes to not only meet but exceed our customers’ expectations. The Anaar Continuous Improvement Process provides a systematic method for improving business processes. It is equally applicable in service and manufacturing industries. It shows how to identify and eliminate sources of variation and thus improve the performance – fewer defects, reduced cycle times. It is a simple, yet rigorous and powerful seven step approach that can be used by any employee within an organization. It reinforces the guiding principles of managing with facts, involvement of everyone through teamwork and that results come from processes.

Once the improvement projects are completed, Anaar project storyboards are created and prominently displayed.

Very significant gains have been achieved by the users of this methodology, leading to much improved bottom-lines and much improved work culture.

The Anaar Continuous Improvement Process along with the module on Process Stability and Capability leads to six sigma levels of performance. It is an integral part of Total Quality Management (TQM). It is sometimes referred to as Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Business Process Improvement (BPI), Process Improvement (PI).

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