Anaar Roadmap Basics (ARB)

The first step of the Anaar Roadmap is the Anaar Roadmap Basics module for changing the mindset and philosophy of the organization.
Transforming the nature of daily activities so that customer focus, team work and continuous process improvement becomes a way of life that must be integrated into the core philosophy of your business. These strategies then help unleash the potential of your employees, build a strong organization that can take on global competitive challenges, and pave the way to improved bottom-line.

The overall process of implementation consists of an initial ‘Start-Up’ and then ‘Continuing’ phases.

This module sets the stage for the Anaar Process Review System (APRS) module, which explains documenting the organization’s systems and processes and identifying its internal and external customers and their expectations. This module helps employees understand what is being delivered to customers and what needs to be improved.

Once these start-up activities are completed, the Anaar Strategy Integration Process (ASIP) is used to develop the organization’s annual business plans. The ASIP module enables the organization to more effectively integrate the business strategy into the organization’s process and thus increase the ownership of identified actions.

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