Anaar Strategy Integration Process (ASIP)

The focus of ASIP is on making strategies actionable and business goals a reality. Translating process improvement strategies into actionable projects and then integrating them into the workplace for effective implementation requires careful planning. Building on the Anaar Process Review System (APRS), the Anaar Strategy Integration Process (ASIP) helps convert strategic issues into process-oriented, manageable, actionable and measurable projects. By shifting the focus of top management to organizational goals and process management, it helps break down barriers between departments and fosters a culture of teamwork at all levels of an ASIP-graphorganization.

This new approach to implementation of strategies is different from traditional practices. It uses specially developed formats for mapping constraints and strategic actions into organizational global processes for promoting and fostering ownership of these actions. It aligns the thinking of all employees toward common business goals, busting organizational silos and creating a winning environment.


The ASIP process involves the following seven phases:

  1. Mapping processes for aligning thinking of all employees to support the common business goals
  2. Identifying organizational focus areas – goals – for the next fiscal year (FY)
  3. Identifying constraints in the processes that are limiting organizational performance at current levels
  4. Identifying enterprise-wide system improvements to overcome the constraints
  5. Integrating these system improvement projects into organizational processes to assure ownership of implementation
  6. Finalizing values for the goals for the next FY
  7. Reviewing monthly the implementation of these improvement Project

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