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Our Proven Record

Nirdosh has optimized the use of process management for effective, efficient, and competitive results. He has worked with global large and small companies with very effective results.

Jerry Rivard,
Retired Chief Engineer - Ford Motor Company

The investment we made in the Anaar methodology was one of the best investments we made at Thermal Corporation.

Robert Stottle,
Chairman, Thermal Corporation

I have had the opportunity to work with Nirdosh at Disc Mfg. Inc., Technicolor, Eastman Kodak and at Kopin Corporation all with excellent results. Nirdosh is able to give practical guidance and direction for both Senior Management and also direct labor employees.

Steve Glaza,
Vice President of Display Business Development at Kopin Corp

Under Mr. Reddy’s expert guidance, we learned so much and practiced as well. This kind of opportunity comes once in a life time.

Bikram Chauhan,
Employeee Participant, BILT

At DMI and Technicolor we found that the Anaar Roadmap that Nirdosh created really paid off. Breaking down silos not only improved profitability, but made work more enjoyable. Involving people in improvement projects and streamlining processes was crucial for our success.

Ram Nomula,
CEO, MAM-A, Inc. (previously President, DMI)

Nirdosh is a unique individual who understands how any organization can improve their results by learning how to empower their people.

John Latini,
Retired Plant Manager, Ford Motor Company


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